Caye Caulker Humane Society


If you are coming to Caye Caulker and wondering if there is anythiing you can bring - here is a list of things we nearly always need! Best to e mail us before you come and check on the status of these things too! Thanks.

  • Flea Control such as Trifexis, Advantix, Frontline – both oral and apply to skin
  • Tick Collars – harder to get these days and only certain ones seem to work – Virbec makes ones that work. Most others do not.
  • Animal Carriers – we are good for large ones, seem to need medium and small.
  • Collars and Leashes – we seem to have little ones – please email us about this as it changes all the time!
  • CASH $$ – always works!

Some of you might have a better idea of what we need – we are all open to ideas. If you would like to get anything like the above sent down please do contact us and we may be able to find a cheap way to do that - perhaps with someone who is visiting and lives not too far away from you.


Suture (please ask about size/type), size 7 surgical gloves, drapes, sharp long handled surgical scissors, blades.

Many drugs, and medical supplies have crossover between human and dog/cat, so please contact us about that if you think you may have something of use to us!


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Contact us by phone at +501.628.8551 (BZ) and Fax +1.270.398.1937 (USA).